Marketing Overview: Why is it Important

Over the last several years, our company has tested and implemented what has been working in marketing and web technology for professionals just like yourself, and we have found some amazing discoveries.


If you do not keep your leads and customers ENGAGED with your company, you will most certainly lose them to your competitors.


Has this happened to you before?  How much revenue have you lost because you have not stayed engaged with your people?


It is more important than ever to automate parts of your business to make sure that you can maintain growth of your business.  Our marketing automation platform partner, Active Campaign, allows you to perform these essential tasks for optimal performance:

  • Automate a multi-touch marketing campaign
  • Store customer and prospect information and behavior profiles to help in delivering the right messaging for each individual
  • Improves the quality of leads that are generated and converted to sales
  • Optimizes conversion or profitability from various sources of leads


Marketing Components: How It Works

As you may have realized, online marketing is incredibly difficult, however by utilizing our proven marketing strategy this will shorten the curve.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as one size fits all marketing funnel.

I really wish there was.

That's why we broken down this marketing program with a list of products and services that we can directly help you with to quickly and professionally build out your list, your automations, your landing pages, and be that direct source of knowledge and expertise to move your marketing forward.


Here's what happens when we decide to work together.

First we built everything in Active Campaign, and in the event you don't have an Active Campaign account, we will set one up for you.

Once an account is set up, we will then build our four core automation campaigns for you.


The included campaigns are:

  • A New Lead Nurture Campaign (6 emails)
  • A Birthday Automation (one email, one reminder)
  • A Stay in Touch Engagement Prompt Automation (2 reminders)
  • A Referral Request Automation (2 emails and one reminder)

We will then do a deep dive on discovery and funnel hack your competition.  Funnel hacking is where we “spy” to see what exact ad campaigns your competition is running so we can model what is already out there, this will save you thousands of dollars in blind research.

Will then work directly on your site if we built your website on our platform, or in the case that your website is hosted elsewhere, we will set you up a Smart Action Marketing account and build out your core landing pages for lead capture that will go directly into the marketing automation software.

But we won't stop there. You'll also be getting our years of experience and expertise in all of the ads, copy, landing pages, and marketing automation's that we have set up before. And this will give you access to expert advice.

Once a funnel, marketing automation, landing pages and copy have all been built, now it is the time to create the ads to place directly into the social media.

We will help design and develop the copy and the ad layouts that you will place directly into your Facebook marketing account to start running your ads.


Marketing Costs: How Much Are Your Fees?


Here's how much it's going to cost if you decide you want us to implement your online marketing for you.

Our hourly marketing rate is $200 per hour.  This is for individually purchased ala carte marketing services.

We've put together three packages that can work for your business that will give you more consistent time and save you money.

Our Silver Package
The Silver Package is 2 hours of marketing services during any given month billed out at $350/month which gives you the direct discount of $25 per hour for a total hourly rate of $175 per hour.

Our Gold Package
The Gold Package is 6 hours of marketing services during any given month and billed out at $900/month. This gives you a discount of $50 per hour for a total hourly rate of $150 an hour.

Our Platinum Package
The Platinum Package is 16 hours of marketing services during any given month billed out at $2400/month, which gives you a discount of $50 per hour for a total hourly rate of $150 per hour.

*Currently the Platinum Package is sold out.  If this package is of interest to you please let us know and we can put you on the waitlist.

Our Jumpstart Package

For those clients who want to get a jumpstart on the implementation of getting their marketing set up in the quickest possible time, we've created a Jumpstart Program that works directly with the packages listed here.  In the first month only, we dedicate more direct time to the set up of your marketing software, funnels, automations, landing pages, ads and/or content, and give you 20 hours of marketing services in the first 30 days for $3000.  In the next month, your Marketing Package fees will drop down to the selected Silver, Gold or Platinum Package.

What To Do Next

We are keeping these prices deliberately very affordable because I know once you have these final steps set up for you, you'll likely be a customer for life.

We keep our marketing services very exclusive since you're getting the expertise of Internet Media Consultants to a very small list of new customers every month.

These services, if you had us working in your office directly, could cost you more than a quarter million dollars a year.

So if you're interested in having us work with you to maximize your marketing,

Here's what to do next:


NOTICE- Time is a Factor!

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the concentrated focus and time that we put into this for each client.


Therefore, we can only work with a handful of people at a time.


If you feel that this is right for you, call us directly at 303-978-0177 right now.


We are looking forward to strategizing with you, and helping you to RUN FARTHER, FASTER!


Jason and Nikki Christiansen